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41 Hill Street

Adirondack Chair

Barns, Truck, Flowers

Boat, Still Water

Church Building, Block Island

Clear Creek Rocks


Clothes Drying

Day Lilies and Mailboxes

Dodge Truck, Sonoma Mountain

Driftwood, Baie de Chaleur

Echo Pond

Eel River At Leggett

Eel River Below Redway

Flowers in Orleans

Flying Pond


Fred And Amy's Farm

Gates at Deep River

GMC Near Willow Creek

Hall Creek


Klamath River at Ti Bar

Kneeland Road

Kneeland Vista

Lake Millinocket

Macintosh Farm

Mad River And Rocks

Markers of Americans

Mendocino Cliffs

Near Prospect Harbor

Next To The Lake

Parish Hall

Pawtucket River

Peabody Pond

Peach Pruning

Pewetole Island

Pointe a la Renommee

Rocks at College Cove

Russian River At Squaw Rock

Sarah's Sunflowers

Sidewalk and Cars

Skowhegan Porch

Spruce with Cans

Store Porch

Sunday Dresses

Sword Fern

Tulips On The Porch


Yellow House and Flowers